LED Video Master-Controller DVI

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  • 8450-DVI-M
Produktinformationen "LED Video Master-Controller DVI"
Steuern Sie unsere digitalen LED-Streifen z.B. als Video-Matrix über ein DVI-Signal und geben Sie Bildschirminhalte in Echtzeit wieder.Control capability: Can Control various driven ICs. Support RGB serial and parallel mode. Project route easy: Regular shape of lighting project, but also irregular shape project. Support any route way, no matter route crossed.

Transmission distance: Can reach 150m between sending controller and receiving controller, and between receiving controllers. Receiving controller also has relay function, when the distance is far than 100m, you can use the receiving controller as repeaters.

Sending controller adopt USB port to replace RS232, support hot plug in/out, more convenient.
Install convenient: receiving controller without DIP switch setting, they can be replace each other as need.

Stable. Using the latest patent technology, the controller is anti-static and lightning proof; Using the updated arithmetic, and new generation 75nm technics chip, to achieve complicated control function by compact hardware construction. The product stability is highly improved.

User can adjust the grey level from 1 to 65536, according to the display situation.

User can adjust the scan click speed from 200K to 50M Hz.

User can adjust the contrast according to the display situation. R,G,B brightness can be adjusted individually from 0 to 100.

Pixel by pixel correction: Support single pixel and many pixel ways. RGB each color is adjustable in 256 levels. This function can be used to correct chromatism between the display equipment.

Refresh rate is adjustable from 60Hz to 3000 Hz. The phase- locked function can fixed the refresh rate as multiple of computer monitor refresh rate, which avoid image split, ensure the image display perfectly. The phase-locked range is 60Hz to 75Hz.

By grey technique and inverse gamma correction technique, ensure the actual display effect accord with human visual physiology. Scanning by row, can avoid the jaggies caused by moving lines, ensure to display fine and natural image.

Software is easy to operate: Use can arrange various of video, animation, picture and text as program. You also can make design to display by our software. And can divide the screen, to achieve display different program in one project.

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